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Question & Answer with Guest: Brian-White Knight -Williams

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Brian-White Knight -Williams
September 4, 2016

1) Can you tell me a little bit about what you do for iPredator?

As a social I try to assess a profiles intent. I get alerted when other members inform me of an account who added them or if an account requests to join a community.

Any profile who hides its followers and has no posts showing in the stream is likely a troll account. Same thing with an account with a small number of followers with very few posts. Some troll accounts have very few posts which may date back to several years.

I also track pedophiles. When a pedophile community is uncovered, I do more than report it. The first thing I do is infiltrate it then start recording profile links of the members. This can take several hours maybe more depending on how many members there are. The reason I do this is so I can profile index their accounts and they will unwittingly lead me or other pedo hunts to other pedos or pedo communities. It’s a continuous pattern that never stops.
The last thing I do is bring awareness to people about trolls and pedophiles.


2) You are a very well-known Troll Hunter – can you please explain the difference between a “good” troll vs. a “bad” troll on the internet.
Sometimes blocking and reporting is not enough since Google pretty much cares less what is going on in Google Plus. So a few intelligent people who fight back against predatory trolls developed our own methods of Defensive or Reverse Trolling.
Reverse Trolls are not predatory and do not troll just anyone they go after the most ruthless trolls on G+. A victim like Shannon West can not block the Predatory Puritan trolls, because even if they get their accounts deleted or banned they will create a new profile within minutes and go back to where they left off. It is the same with their Pro Animal Abuse Communities (PAAS). One gets deleted they create a new one and upload posts likely saved in an offline storage site like Google Drive, Dropbox etc. For the record I think the Puritans are on there 12 Pro Animal Abuse community. Sometime last year the Game Playness created three PAAS communities at the same time. One was the main and the other two were backups. The CAINp community changed strategy and multiple reported all three at the same time and caused those communities to get banned.

3) How do you handle internet bullies? I mean it does really get frustrating to be trying to do good when there is always someone knocking you down who sits behind their keyboard, I like to refer to these people as keyboard cowards.

The first thing to remember when engaging a predatory troll is to remember yes they are cowards hiding behind a fake name and fake profile pic, thus they do not deserve respect. Never respect a troll or give validation of their opinions. Never give a troll an ounce of credibility or respect. Once a troll knows you respect it’s opinion then they have you. It is all about psychological warfare. 99% of people engaged by trolls take their comments as serious. They will call you a if you are black , honky/ hillbilly if you are white a femnazi if you are feminist, a communist if you are democrat, etc. They themselves are likely not racist or support the extreme right wing. Most of the time it is just an act to get inside their victim’s head. Predatory trolls are the ultimate losers in life. Often stuck in some dead end job like McDonalds or Walmart stressed out over bills or solely dependent on disability. Thus they troll to relieve stress. Rob a troll of their credibility you rob them of their power.
If someone fights back at a troll never get angry at their defamatory comments. Again you are robbing them of their power.

4) Social Media my example will be Twitter, they as a whole refuse to take Bullying and cyber harassment seriously if you are just a everyday citizen. Take Leslie Jones for example who is a very outspoken celebrity who was harassed and bullied via Twitter. Twitter acted upon her account within a few days of it being reported. However, to the everyday user this is not the case, we are harassed every time we go to this social media venue. What changes do you think need to be made overall for the safety of all social media users?

Well first off you have to understand why social media doesn’t want to regulate their platforms. It is all about money. A minority of people see the implementations of these regulations as tyranny. Thus no company wants to be the first to implement regulations out of fear that they will chase off users. Second these companies make fortunes selling our emails in batches to advertisers. Social media platforms start permanently banning predatory trolls then they lose ad revenue

5) Your work with Troll hunting has lead you to some pretty sketchy people on the internet, what is your advice to the blog readers if they feel they are being stalked, harassed etc and the social media site they use isn’t responding to their complaints?

I will just post an article I wrote last year which details how trolls harass, and dox unsuspecting victims and how victims can protect themselves.

The following is a short article I wrote sometime last year.
How to assess an accounts intent.
A clue to an accounts intent is that a new account vs a troll account will not be target specific. What that is an ordinary user account will not seek out communities belonging to anti troll members and ask to join, vs a troll account with very few followers below 20 and posts dating back only a few hours or days asking to join.

A troll accounts intent is to infiltrate the community become a dutiful member and get promoted to moderator. In private communities it is of the utmost importance for a troll to obtain the rank of moderator to invite in their friends and take over their communities. Pending on the threat the community poses to trolls they will likely remove all members below the rank of moderator. If a Community is of an extreme threat the infiltrator troll my try to obtain ownership status and delete the community.

Section 2 harassment/ doxing/Ip address/ Hacking/extortion.

A Troll’s main goal is notoriety and fame. They want to become infamous through the use of manipulation of Information Communication Technology (See Ipredator)
to successfully harangue their target under a veil of anonymity without being discovered .

The troll package includes doxing taken from docs the extension filename of documents listing information, and using a person’s information for the purposes of extortion. Doxing includes not only the listed home address and phone number and name of the victim but also a list of relatives, names home address, phone numbers. This is meant as a tactic to drive the victim into submission. If a troll is unable to find the information listed , they will resort to using link loggers to get an Ip address What a link logger is a shortened url or web link to most often a fake article and occasionally a real article. Link loggers record anyone’s Ip address once they clicked on the link. The troll will have a code he must enter on the link logger website in order to view and watch the ip addresses get listed from people clicking on their loaded link. Once the troll has the IP address of his victim they then proceed to an Ip Tracker Website and run the Ip address into a search. The results will show the victim’s City with a reverse DNS look up, latitude /longitude, weather conditions coordinates for city and state. Once the troll has the coordinates they will then venture into a Map utility and run the coordinates thus zeroing in on the victim’s street address. From their the troll will venture into several online data broker websites. These are websites that require money to search for a person’s phone, address , criminal background , relatives etc. These websites or the owners of these websites gather this information themselves by either paying social media sites or employing web crawlers. A web crawler is a program that seeks out information on a subject and creates files of that person or thing searched. Kali Linux has two programs associated with this tactic One is Patverna which is the computer version and case files the mobile version. Trolls determining their level of technological know how, may employ the use of webcrawler, thus foregoing the aforementioned steps of getting their victims information.

Once the troll has the information on their target they will most likely extort or coerce their victim to get what they want in exchange of not releasing the victims information to the public.

How to protect yourself.

There is only one simple solution that is to never list your address publicly.If you do delete that info from any and all social media sites.

In terms of link loggers a link logger will have a suspicious extension on the end of it that does not match up to the site that the troll will tell you to go. Installing a Virtual Private Network ( VPN) reroutes your Ip address through a proxy server network thus encrypting and giving out a useless Ip address. There are many VPNs to choose from this day and age and can be used with any Information Communication Technology in the modern day. A simple search of a computer or device +vpn will give you directions on where to find and install.

The last resort of a troll is hacking. Regardless of how it sounds is very simplistic. All a troll needs to hack a social media account is the email and password of the target. Trolls will often claim they hacked their system to obtain the victim’s email. This is a bogus lie meant to psychologically inflate the troll as some terrifying hacker. In reality they gained the info as discussed earlier via info broker or the use of a webcrawler or a snapcapture packet. Capture packets are Trojan Horses where they capture the info of the user and encrypt it. The troll will have to use a computer program to decrypt the data in order to use it. To learn more about capture packets Google Wireshark.

There are methods to protect your accounts from hacking. 1 use a long string of random numbers and letters mixed for passwords. I recommend using Google Keep to store these passwords. 2. For Google Plus and Facebook these social sites offer secondary encryption Google Authenticator is the best. Google authenticator (both mobile and computer accessible)will require the user to paste a code to gain access to their account. The code changes every 30 seconds thus making it impossible to hack.

Following these steps means protecting your anonymity and safeguarding your information.

6) What is your favorite part of working with iPredator?

Helping people and taking out pedophiles.

Thank you for allowing me the chance to explain what we do.


Brian White Knight Williams


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